Yves Lohé glass sculptural figure “Lea Ombrella”

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French art glass sculptural figure “Lea Ombrella” - Yves Lohé


Yves Lohé coloured glass and metal sculptural figure of Parisian woman “Lea Ombrella" signed on the base


Size: Approximately 15“(38 cm) high


Maker:Yves Lohé, France


Yves Lohé was born 05.03.1947 in the North of France. He trained with Abel Bataillard, the famous "Forged Iron Master of Pigalle” and began sculpting full time in 1977

Yves Lohé pieces were displayed in Paris exhibitions including the Independent French Artists Exhibition. He made approximately eighty sculptures of hands under the title "Iron Hands”. Later he focused on a series of slender figures drawn from dance, music and people in their everyday lives. During the same period he created larger pieces including public works for towns in the North and East of France.

In 1979 Lohé started working in bronze, and built his workshop 2nd Fire Art. Then in 1991 his meeting with Werner Manesse (a master glazier) gave him the opportunity of using glass. Lohé developed his own way of working to combine the transparency and colour of glass with bronze, giving uniqueness to each sculpture and delighting patrons in Europe, the Middle East and Asia


Date: c1992


Condition: In good condition


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